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Between fertility appointments reporter Maggie Harris covers the U.S. Mall beat. Today's big story involves a modern-day baby Moses - a newborn found in the mall's movie theatre - sparking a search for his mother. The abandoned baby sets a whirlwind of confusion through U.S. Mall, as each person it touches is beset by emotions of longing and love in the frenzy of trying to find who this boy belongs to. Visions of a feral wildchild roaming the mall's dark underbelly and foraging from the Food Court plague Maggie and Solya, the teenage mother. What will become of a newborn baby left among the popcorn and ticket stubs, as the natural, unnatural and mystical worlds of the towering shopping monstrosity combine?

Character Breakdown: 4M, 4F

Set/Technical: Unit Set with neon signage

Running Time: 100 minutes - no intermission


*Epic Theatre's Sunshine Season a readings festival nurturing new political plays and re-thinkings of classics June 24, 2005 at The Beckett Theatre @ Theatre Row

*Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey - reading - directed by John Pietrowski

*The Bat at the Flea Theatre, NYC, directed by Joseph Megel

*Jerome Center's Playlabs, Minneapolis, directed by Kent Nicholson

*ASK Theatre Projects Spring Writers Retreat, directed by Veronica Brady

*The Magic Theatre Raw Play series, directed by Kent Nicholson



...AND THE TWO ROMEOS is a memory play where Stacy - a woman now in her thirties - looks back and relives the tragedy that altered the trajectory of her life; the two fifteen year old boys who were in love with her at thirteen killed themselves, leaving her to suffer the consequences and the media's distortions of the event.

The piece is seamless, switching fluidly in time between the genesis of the trio's relationship, the aftermath of the pact and Stacy's current romantic relationship with Nick - who was integral in her story becoming such a media sensation.

In addressing the question of what really happened some scenes have a sense of distortion and shifting points of view: the memories of a distraught teenage girl, the town's perception of who she has become, the media reportage and television movie sensationalized portrayal of her parents. Stacy tries to banish the ghosts of Richard and Fin who plague her as she moves into her adult years. She struggles in her relationship with Nick - having chosen him because he was a link to her adolescence she is now faced with having a child with him. And she wonders, should someone with her legacy of tragedy have a child? Stacy must banish her ghosts in order to find out.

Character Breakdown: 3M, 2F

Set/Technical: All the actors play mulitple roles (there are twenty characters) except for the actress playing Stacy. Unit set of moonterrain and furniture that floats in and out to create various settings.

Running Time: Two Acts, about two hours with intermission. Dark and fastpaced.


*Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey New Play Weekend December 2004, directed by James Gloughman

*Rattlestick Theatre's 2004 EXPOSURE FESTIVAL - directed by Kent Nicholson

*The Lark Theatre in NYC

*Noteworthy Reading Series, Theatre of NOTE in LA - directed by Kent Nicholson

*Noteworthy Reading Series, Theatre of NOTE in LA - directed by Inger Tudor


*Finalist: Sonoma Rep Playwriting contest.

*Semi-finalist: the O'Neill Theatre conference.


Thirteen year old Jace's family fell apart when her brother died last year, and now she desperately tries to escape her father by persuading a reclusive thirty-one year old Christmas tree salesman to help her kidnap her hissing mother from the insane asylum.

Character Breakdown: 4M, 3F

Set/Technical: Simple Unit Set

Running Time: About 90 minutes, no intermission

Awarded the Roger L. Stevens Award by the Kennedy Center’s Fund for New American Plays

PEN West Literary Award Finalist

Production History:

The Antrobus Group, New York City, director Dan Oliverio


The Road Theatre Company, Los Angeles


Excerpted in Monologues for Women by Women

Elisa Donovan and Paul Beauvais in Mad Love

Playwright Jennifer Maisel refuses to deliver the standard sappy movie-of-the-week study of a benighted oppressed person in her wonderful new play. Instead Ms. Maisel, addresses the complexity of sexual abuse by ironically examining its ripple effect. ...Maisel is shaping up as a sort of Daivd Lynch with estrogen. Just imagine what she'll do next...

The New York Law Journal, Rebecca L. Ford

"Tell me a story." pleads the 13-year-old spotlit in the darkness in her ruffled nightgown. "I'm getting hard," pants her father in a parallel spotlight, moaning to her soft skin, her tits. Behind them, a woodchopper's ax falls in rhythmic crescendo. Blackout. The scene's a stunner and one of many in Jennifer Maisel's Mad Love.

The Village Voice


A bride's cold feet, a mother seeking her daughter's saviour and a downtown New York City nightclub that disappears. Three women face the battlA bride's cold feet, a mother seeking her daughter's saviour and a downtown New York City nightclub that disappears. Three women face the battles of our time -es of our time - AIDS, alienation, committment, loyalty and rootlessness - armed only with the power of love and friendship. EDEN is the storyf Maura's search for the man she is certain saved her from death in the Holocaust in hope he can save her daughter, Cecelia, who is HIV-positive. It is the story of Cecelia, who escapes to a club called Eden, waiting to die until she can somehow learn to live. It is the story of Cecelia's two closest friends who, on the verge of love, can't love without her. Their stories are woven together by Harvey - executor of divine coincidence - who must somehow bring these women and their loves together in the few hours before the wedding takes place.

Character Breakdown: 3M, 5F

Set/Technical: Simple multifunctional unit set with areas defined by sound and light
Running Time: 2 hours plus intermission


Winner of the California Playwrights Competition from South Coast Repertory

Production History:

THEATRE OF NOTE, Los Angeles - directed by Dan Oliverio

workshopped at South Coast Repertory, California - directed by Bill Rauch

Concert Reading - Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey, directed by Joseph Megel

Playwrights Week, The Lark Theatre, NYC - directed by Beth Schachter

Playwrights Kitchen Ensemble, the Coronet Theatre - directed by Joe Cacaci

Benefit performance for Pediatric Aids, directed by Charlie Stratton


An engaging drama about three best friends in crisis. Maisel’s writing shines.

LA Weekly

Jennifer Maisel is a playwright who trusts her audience. In EDEN at Theatre of NOTE, nothing is obvious, nothing is settled, nothing is told in prosaic expository form. But her stories are human and eternal, with archetypal characters living in mundane circumstances.

The Malibu Times, Dany Margolis

In "Eden," her ambitious and surreal play at Theatre of NOTE about the effect of AIDS on a trio of female friends, Jennifer Maisel evokes a fascinating millennial dreamscape of urban dread, psychic fragmentation and imperfect human connection. Maisel demonstrates a sure hand and a formidable flair for the mysterious.

Los Angeles Times


Pamela Gordon and Alina Phelan in Theatre of NOTE’s production of EDEN